Drosera capillaris

Description: Round leaves with a distinct petiole, arranged in a rosette. Trichomes may or may not be present. Flower stalks are glabrous, ending in small flowers that may be pink to whitish colored.

Note: Can be easily differentiated from D. brevifolia due to the longer and more exaggerated petiole, as well as the flower stalks being glabrous (whereas D. brevifolia has glandulous scapes). The lamina are round, while they are wedge shaped in D. brevifolia, Drosera capillaris is also much larger in size.

Ecology: Found in wet, peaty, or sandy hillside seepage bogs and pine savannahs. Can be found among taller grasses and undisturbed sites, unlike Drosera brevifolia, which prefers open, drier, and sandier locations.

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