Hi! I’m Dylan Sheng and am an aspiring botanist studying plant sciences at Cornell University. I’ve also worked at the University of Texas Herbarium, and would love to continue learning about the taxonomy and ecology of carnivorous plants.

A long-time carnivorous plant grower, I decided to start documenting all of Texas’s carnivorous plant species, something I don’t think has been done before. Many people aren’t aware that the Lone Star State has a whopping 4 different genera of carnivorous plants, ranging from the more well-known Sarracenia to unassuming little Utricularia. I hope to find and photograph every species that occurs in Texas and spread more awareness about the conservation of these weird and wonderful plants.

Check out my other carnivorous plant website, where I showcase the plants I grow here

All photographs are my own, please do not use them without permission. Photographs were taken with an iPhone 11 or a Canon 7D EOS

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